BRU’D Rewards prioritizes your privacy. We empower you to control your data.

Here at BRU’D Rewards, your trust is our priority. That’s why we take data privacy seriously. We follow strict guidelines to collect only the information we need, use it responsibly, and keep it secure. We do so to respect and maintain your trust. We believe that taking care of you includes taking care of your data and privacy. Want to learn more? Grab a cup of coffee and dive in!

BRU’D Rewards Privacy Notice


Ever wondered how BRU’D Rewards uses your information? We’ve got you covered! This Privacy Notice is like a backstage pass, revealing what data we collect, how it helps us improve your experience, and most importantly, your control over it.

We take your privacy seriously, and that’s why we want you to understand everything clearly. So, relax, grab your favorite coffee, and dive into this easy-to-read explanation.

By the way, using the BRU’D Rewards app means you agree to this Privacy Notice and our other policies (available online). But hey, that’s just standard stuff! Now, let’s get you back to enjoying your coffee rewards!

Ready to keep enjoying BRU’D Rewards? Take a moment to review our Privacy Notice and Terms of Use (on our Online Policies page). By continuing, you’re confirming your agreement.


Need to find something specific in our Privacy Notice? These links will take you right there.

  1. Applicability and Scope
  2. Updates to this Privacy Notice
  3. Information We Collect
  4. Sources of Information
  5. How We Use Your Information
  6. How We Disclose Your Information
  7. Cookies, Web Beacons, and Similar Technologies
  8. How We Protect Your Information
  9. Retention
  10. Children’s Privacy
  11. BRU’D Rewards WiFi
  12. Your Choices & Rights
  13. Notice of Financial Incentive & BRU’D Rewards® Rewards
  14. Additional Disclosures for Data Subjects in the EEA, the U.K. and Switzerland
  15. Participation in the Privacy Shield Frameworks
  16. Contact Us

1. Applicability and Scope

This Privacy Notice applies to all things BRU’D Rewards – our websites, mobile apps, stores, and basically any corner of the BRU’D Rewards universe you visit. Think of it as your guide to how we handle your information, no matter how you interact with us.

Just a heads up, we might link you to other websites sometimes. But those are like different coffee shops – they have their own privacy rules. So be sure to check those out too! We can’t control what they do with your information, but we can assure you we take yours seriously.

2. Updates to this Privacy Notice

Hey there, BRU’D Rewards! We might occasionally update this Privacy Notice to reflect any changes. But don’t worry, we’ll always let you know if anything major comes up. You can also check the “Last Revised” date to stay in the loop.

Just like your favorite barista remembers your order, we want you to feel comfortable knowing what’s going on with your information. So keep an eye out for updates when you’re browsing our app or website.

3. Information We Collect

Get ready to be rewarded! When you join the BRU’D Rewards fun, to craft the perfect BRU’D Rewards experience for you, we collect some information. Here’s what we collect.

a) Information That Identifies You

To personalize your BRU’D Rewards experience, we collect some information that can be used to identify you, like:

  • Your name (first and last)
  • Phone number (so we can reach you with awesome deals!)
  • Email address (for updates and birthday surprises!)
  • Mailing address (if you want rewards delivered)
  • Username and password (to keep your account secure)
  • Birthday (to celebrate you with a special treat!)
  • Basic info like gender (helps us tailor rewards you’ll love)

b) Financial Account Information

    We may collect information to process your BRU’D Rewards purchases securely, we might collect:

    • Your payment card information (credit or debit card)
    • Phone number (for security verification, if needed)
    • Your name (to match your payment method)

    We take your financial information very seriously and use industry-standard security measures to protect it.

    c) Commercial Information

    Your coffee choices, your delicious rewards! To personalize your BRU’D journey – how you earn those amazing BRU’D Rewards! We track what you purchase (gotta reward your good taste!), how often you visit us (because loyal customers deserve the best!), and any special offers you score.  We track your awesome savings to make sure you’re getting the most out of BRU’D Rewards and shower you with the coffee love you deserve! We even peek at your “Wishlist” and “My Bag” to suggest goodies you might love (because who doesn’t love a helpful coffee hint?).

    d) User Activity Log

    BRU’D Rewards wants to make sure your experience is flawless! To do that, we collect some info on how you use our app and website, like your browsing history and device details. This helps us fix any bugs and make things run smoothly. We also gather info from our live chat feature to constantly improve how we help you. Think of it as us learning your preferred brewing method – all to ensure you get the best possible experience!

    e) Physical Location/ Location Data

    BRU’D Rewards wants to help you find your perfect cup, no matter where you are! We might use your location (with your permission, of course!) to help you find the closest BRU’D Rewards coffee shop and quench your coffee cravings faster. Think of it like a coffee compass, guiding you to your next delicious brew! But don’t worry, we’re not following you everywhere – just want to make your coffee adventures as smooth as possible. And of course, if you’d prefer to keep your location private, that’s perfectly fine too.

    f) Multimedia Content (audio and visual Info)

    At BRU’D Rewards, your safety and security is our top priority. In some stores, we use CCTV cameras (like silent guardians for security) to keep an eye on things and keep everyone safe from any trouble. These might pick up some audio and visuals, but it’s all to ensure a smooth and secure coffee experience for everyone.

    We may also collect audio information if you decide to use voice ordering (because who doesn’t love a hands-free coffee run) –  that’s just you placing your order in style and another way to make your coffee experience even more convenient!

    g) Inferences

    We may also collect inferences drawn from the other information described above.

    To get the most out of BRU’D Rewards, we might need some additional information about you that includes sensitive personal data, but only if you choose to use specific features.

    h) Precise Geolocation Information

    BRU’D Rewards wants to make your coffee experience even smoother! With your permission, we can use your device’s location to show you nearby cafes, allow you to order ahead for faster pickup, and even explore delivery options (through our partners) for those mornings when you need a coffee fix without leaving the house. Here’s how it works:

    • We can access your location (like GPS) to find BRU’D partner cafes near you.
    • If you have Bluetooth enabled, some cafes might use it to see you’re nearby and expedite your order.
    • Location data helps us offer features like remote ordering and potential delivery options.

    Remember, you control your privacy! This is all based on your device settings,  You can adjust your location sharing settings at any time within the BRU’D Rewards app.

    We combine or anonymize your information to protect your privacy. This anonymized data, which we cannot use to identify you, falls outside the scope of this notice.

    Sharing this information allows us to personalize your experience with all the benefits of BRU’D Rewards.

    4. Sources of Information

    We also gather information to enhance your BRU’D Rewards experience, but we don’t rely solely on what you provide. Here’s how:

    • Sometimes,secure information comes from various sources to personalize your rewards, like when someone gives you something through our services.
    • We collaborate with advertising partners (social media) and others to offer you relevant benefits, and they may share relevant data.
    • Publicly available information and insights from analytics providers help us improve BRU’D Rewards.
    • If you log in with social media or share your BRU’D experience on social platforms, we may receive some data from those services (subject to their privacy policies).

    5. How We Use Your Information

    We use your information to deliver the products and services you expect, including handling customer service inquiries, securing our systems to prevent fraud, and providing targeted marketing offers. We also use this information to analyze how you interact with our website and mobile app to improve your experience. We may use the information we collect about you:

    To Provide Our Services

    Unlock a world of rewards with BRU’D Rewards Services! We use your information to make things easier and more rewarding for you, like:

    • We streamline your orders and transactions for a smooth experience.
    • Manage your account with ease and keep track of everything.
    • We use your information to improve our rewards programs to better suit your needs.
    • Deliver thoughtful gifts with personalized messages that make every occasion special.
    • We continuously improve our apps and websites based on your usage to give you the best experience.
    • Process your payments with confidence knowing we prioritize security.
    • With your permission for location sharing, we can create personalized experiences for you in and around our stores.

    To Communicate With You

    We want to keep you informed and connected to everything BRU’D Rewards has to offer. Here’s how we use your information to make that happen:

    • Our friendly customer service team is here to answer your questions through our “live help” chat or when you request information.
    • We’ll keep you posted on your orders, purchases, returns, and anything else related to your account activity.
    • Get personalized promotions, content, and special offers tailored to your interests.
    • Stay updated on brand news, exciting products, upcoming events, and other promotions.
    • Choose what you want to hear about! We can even share information with BRU’D Rewards partners if you’d like to receive updates on their offerings.
    • We’ll prioritize your safety by sending important product safety alerts and recall notices.

    Improving Our Services: Research & Development

    We’re constantly striving to make BRU’D Rewards the best it can be for you. We use your information to continually improve your experience on our website, app, and with all our services. This includes:

    • We analyze your activity to maintain and improve the performance of our website, app, and services.
    • Your input helps us develop new features and services that better meet your needs.
    • We use your information to detect and prevent fraud to keep your experience secure.

    Ensuring a Secure Environment: Our Terms & Your Protection

    Your peace of mind is our priority at BRU’D Rewards! We use your information to maintain a safe and secure environment for you whenever you use our website, app, or other services. This includes enforcing the terms, policies, and agreements we have in place to protect you and any third parties involved, ensuring a smooth and trustworthy experience for everyone. So you can relax and enjoy your BRU’D Rewards experience with complete peace of mind.

    Complying with the Law

    Just like any responsible company, we need to comply with certain laws and regulations (think things like taxes). This means keeping appropriate records, ensuring smooth operations and responding to lawful requests from government agencies if needed. We take this responsibility seriously to ensure everything runs smoothly at BRU’D Rewards.

    Targeted Advertising

    BRU’D Rewards uses your information to show you relevant promotions and special offers. This means you’ll see more ads and more deals you’ll actually love from BRU’D Rewards and our partners (with your permission, of course)., saving you time and helping you find the perfect deals.

    With Your Consent

    We’re always looking for new ways to make BRU’D Rewards even more rewarding for you. With your consent, we may use your information to explore additional features or benefits that you’d find valuable.

    6. How We Disclose Your Information

    We only share your information when necessary to deliver the great features and services you expect from BRU’D Rewards, and always in accordance with the law. We prioritize your trust and transparency.

    Working with Service Providers & Business Partners

    To bring you the best possible experience, we sometimes share your information within the BRU’D Rewards family (including subsidiaries and affiliates). This helps us:

    • We share information to manage our loyalty programs, process your requests, and keep everything running efficiently.
    • By working together, we can personalize your experience and develop even more exciting rewards and services you’ll love.
    • We may use this information to expand our product and service offerings, potentially bringing you even more to love about BRU’D Rewards.

    Collaboration is Key: Working with Service Providers & Business Partners

    We use your information to:

    • From secure payments to lightning-fast website loading, we use your data to make interacting with us smooth and efficient.
    • Location services help us find the nearest store, while purchase history ensures you get the best customer service.
    • Discover personalized recommendations and offers based on your interests. (We keep this secure and always give you control over your data.)
    • We use data to analyze trends, fight fraud, and improve our services for everyone.

    Your privacy is our priority. We carefully select partners who share our commitment to data security. They’re contractually bound to use your information only for the specific services they provide and nothing more. You’re in control, we’ll always give you clear choices about how your information is used.

    Securing Success: Strategies for Business Transactions

    If our company grows through a merger or acquisition, your information may be securely shared with the new entity. This is to ensure a smooth transition and continue providing you with the same great service. We’ll always prioritize your privacy and keep you informed throughout the process.

     When Sharing Helps Us Protect Safety and Lawful Interests 

    BRU’D Rewards is committed to a safe and secure environment for all. We may share your information in limited circumstances, such as:

    • Legal Requirements: If the law compels us to share your information, we will comply.
    • Enforcing Agreements: To uphold our user agreements and platform policies, we may need to disclose relevant information.
    • Protecting Our Community: BRU’D Rewards may disclose information if it’s necessary to safeguard the rights, property, or safety of BRU’D Rewards, our users, or our partners.

    BRU’D Rewards is committed to transparency, we take your privacy seriously and will only disclose information when absolutely necessary.

    When You Give Consent 

    To provide you with relevant offers, we may share your information with trusted partners, but only with your permission.

    When You Post on Our Websites

    BRU’D Rewards thrives on community! When you share your thoughts and experiences on our blog or other public forums, you connect with a network of amazing people. Just remember, these spaces are like public conversations. While we strive to maintain a positive environment, we can’t be held responsible for everything others might see or say. We recommend keeping personal details private in these public areas. For any questions or concerns, our friendly customer support team is always here to help!

    7. Understanding How We Use Technology: Cookies, Web Beacons & More

    We use various technologies to understand how you interact with our websites and apps. This helps us to  improve your experience by remembering your preferences and offering helpful features. These technologies include cookies, web beacons, and fancy tools like JavaScript.

    You have control over this! Most web browsers allow you to adjust your settings for how these technologies work. For a deeper dive into controlling your privacy, check out the “Your Choices & Rights” section.


    Websites use cookies which are small bits of info stored on your device to remember your preferences and make your visits smoother. There are two types of cookies. The cookies that vanish as soon as you close your browser are called Session cookies and the cookies which stick around for a while to remember things like your login details or preferred settings are called Persistent cookies.

    Most web browsers allow you to adjust your settings to accept, reject, or delete cookies. This way, you can manage your privacy preferences.

    Many popular browsers have helpful guides to adjust your settings. Just search for “how to manage cookies in [your browser name]” and you’ll be all set! Here are some popular ones where you can find instructions for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari mobile, Safari desktop, and Android browser.

    Interest-Based Ads 

    Ever feel like ads are following you around the web? You’re not wrong! Websites use information about your browsing habits to show you relevant ads. But what if you want more control over what you see? You can opt-out of interest-based advertising! This means companies won’t use your browsing history to personalize the ads you see.

    Here are some resources to help you take control of online behavioral advertising:

    US & Canada:


    If you’re located in the European Union, you can visit the Your Online Choices website to opt-out of interest-based advertising from EU member companies:


    • Keep in mind that opting out won’t mean you’ll stop seeing ads altogether, but it will prevent them from being tailored to your interests.
    • You can also manage your cookie settings in your web browser to control how websites track your activity.
    • Many companies offer opt-out features. Take a look at the privacy settings within the apps and websites you use to see what control they offer.

    By using these resources and adjusting your browser settings, you can tailor your online ads to be more interesting and relevant, ultimately improving your browsing experience.

    Adobe Flash Player Technology

    BRU’D Rewards uses Adobe Flash to deliver some cool video content. To keep things running smoothly, Adobe uses special cookies. Unlike regular cookies, Flash cookies can’t be controlled through your browser settings. But don’t worry! You can still manage them.Just visit the Adobe website to manage which sites can store this information on your device. 

    How We Use Technology to Enhance Your Experience

    We use some clever tools to make your experience on our website and apps as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Here’s a breakdown of what these tools do:

    • Some tools are like trusty assistants, ensuring features and services work flawlessly. Without them, things wouldn’t run as smoothly!
    • Other tools act as performance analysts, helping us understand how people interact with our website and apps. This helps us identify any errors and optimize your experience.
    • Some tools are like personal assistants, remembering your preferences and speeding things up for you. No more re-entering information on repeat visits!
    • Finally, some tools personalize your experience by tailoring ads and promotions to your interests. This means you’ll see offers that are more relevant to you.

    Remember, these tools prioritize your privacy. For performance monitoring, we don’t collect any personal details like your name or email.

    We’re committed to making your experience the best it can be, and these tools are a big part of that! Imagine a BRU’D Rewards experience that remembers your preferences and suggests things you’ll love! That’s the power of these behind-the-scenes tools. By understanding how you navigate BRU’D Rewards, we can personalize your experience and show you relevant promotions and offers. This means you’ll see features and deals tailored to you, saving you time and effort!

    8. How We Protect your Information

    At BRU’D Rewards, we take your privacy seriously. We use top-notch security practices to keep your information protected, like putting it in a digital vault with multiple layers of security.

    However, just like no fort is completely invincible, no security system is foolproof. That’s why it’s important to work together to keep your information extra secure. Here’s what you can do:

    • Keep your passwords strong and don’t share them with anyone. Strong passwords are like a super-secret handshake – only you and BRU’D Rewards should know it!
    • Be mindful of security on your devices. Think of your devices as your personal treasure chests – keep them protected with strong passwords and be careful what information you share on public Wi-Fi.

    By working together, we can ensure your BRU’D Rewards experience is always safe and enjoyable.

    9. Support and Control

    Your information is safe and secure at BRU’D Rewards. We only store what we need to run smoothly and meet legal requirements. Plus, we follow strict security measures to protect your information, regardless of where it’s located in the world. Here’s how we keep your data protected:

    • Our servers are located around the world, but wherever your data goes, it’s protected by strict safeguards.
    • We only store what’s necessary to offer you a great BRU’D Rewards experience.
    • We adhere to strict data protection laws, wherever your information is stored. 

     We’re transparent about how your information is used and protected. 

    10. Protecting Children’s Privacy

    Our websites and online services are designed for users 13 and above. We take protecting children’s privacy seriously and have strong measures in place to ensure we don’t collect information from anyone under 13.

    We are committed to transparency. If you’re a parent or guardian and have concerns about your child’s information, you’re in control! We make it easy for you to contact us directly if you believe we may have information about your child. Just head over to the “Contact Us” section for details. We take these matters very seriously and will work quickly to address them.

    For more information on how we handle user information, please visit our Terms of Use.

    11. BRU’D Rewards Wi-Fi

    Stay connected while you shop at BRU’D Rewards stores! Many BRU’D Rewards stores offer free WiFi to make your shopping experience even smoother. Just look for the WiFi network when you’re in-store and tap to connect.

    It’s always a good idea to review any terms of use listed on the activation page before connecting to public Wi-Fi. But don’t worry, it’s usually a quick step to get you browsing in no time.

    For more information on how we handle user information, please visit our Terms of Use.

    12. Your Privacy Choices & State-Specific Rights

    01) Your Choices

    a) Location Services

    BRU’D Rewards offers features like mobile ordering and personalized recommendations, but to make them truly awesome, we need your location. By enabling location services in the app, you’ll unlock a world of personalized perks:

    • Enable location services and order your coffee ahead of time for a smooth pickup.
    • BRU’D Rewards can tailor deals and recommendations based on your usual haunts, ensuring you never miss out.
    • We’ll limit repetitive messages, keeping you in the loop with the most relevant offers.

    Remember, you’re always in control! You can easily manage your location sharing anytime through your device settings. And if you change your mind later, you can easily re-enable location services to access all the BRU’D Rewards perks.

    Enable location services and experience BRU’D Rewards like never before!

    b) Voice Ordering – Speak Up and Order Up!

    BRU’D Rewards offers voice ordering for a hands-free experience (where available). To use it, just enable microphone and speech recognition settings on your device.

    c) Communication Preferences

    The BRU’D Rewards app puts you in charge of how you receive information. Choose what updates matter most to you:

    • Get notified of hot deals and exciting promotions via email.
    • Stay on top of things with push notifications delivered straight to your device.
    • Explore exclusive offers and updates directly within the app.

    We respect your privacy and it’s entirely up to you! You can easily unsubscribe at any time through your BRU’D Rewards account settings or by clicking the “unsubscribe” link found in any email we send.

    02) Your Rights & Local Protections

     Depending on your location (including California, Colorado, Connecticut, Utah, and Virginia), you have certain rights related to your information at BRU’D Rewards. Let’s explore what these rights mean for you!

    • Understanding Your Information: You can request to see what information we’ve collected about you.You have the right to request details, including what data is collected and how it’s used.
    • Access & Control Your Data: Need a copy of your data? You can request a copy of the information we’ve collected within the last year (with some exceptions).
    • Keep Your Information Accurate: Spot a mistake in your BRU’D Rewards information? Let us know and we’ll fix it. You can also update your information directly in the app.
    • Data for Service, Not Marketing: BRU’D Rewards only uses your information to provide you with a better shopping experience. We respect your privacy and won’t use it for other purposes.
    • Control Your Ad Experience: BRU’D Rewards respects your privacy. We don’t sell your information, and you can control how it’s used for targeted advertising. You can also opt-out of sharing entirely using your web browser settings or our “Do Not Share My Personal Information” link.
    • Data Deletion & Appeals: If you want to delete your BRU’D Rewards information. We respect your right to request deletion, subject to certain exceptions. If you have any questions or concerns about your requests, you can always contact us through the “Contact Us” section.

    Requests for U.S. residents should be submitted through this form HERE.

    Requests for Canadian residents should be submitted through this form HERE.

    US and Canada residents can easily manage their BRU’D Rewards data by giving us a call at (Contact #). Our friendly representatives are happy to assist you. To protect your information, we might ask you to verify your identity when submitting a request. This is a standard security measure.

     If you have legal permission (like a power of attorney) to handle someone’s privacy requests, please submit your request via email to privacy@BRU’D Be sure to include a copy of the document proving your authorization.

    We put you in control of your BRU’D Rewards experience! Let us know how we can assist you.

    03) Other California Rights

    California residents have the right to request a list of the categories of personal information we’ve shared with third parties for their marketing purposes. If you’d like this information, simply send a request by mail to:

    BRU’D Rewards, P.O. Box 20430, Augusta, GA 30916

    Some web browsers offer a “Do Not Track” setting that tells websites you visit not to track your activity.  While we don’t currently respond to these signals due to a lack of industry standards for how websites should handle them, we’re committed to staying up-to-date. If these standards develop, we’ll update this notice to explain how we handle “Do Not Track” requests in the future.

    We put you in control of your BRU’D Rewards experience! Let us know how we can assist you.

    04) Privacy Metrics

    BRU’D Rewards is committed to your privacy. Here’s a breakdown of our Privacy Rights Metrics for the period January 2022 – December 2022, covering requests from the United States and Canada:

    Understanding Your Information (Right to Know): Over 650 requests were received to access personal information. We successfully fulfilled over 350 of these requests within an average of 9 days.

    Data Control at Your Fingertips (Right to Delete): We received nearly 1800 requests to delete data, and we completed over 900 deletions within an average of 12 days.

    We completed a significant number of requests (53.98% for Right to Know and 52.85% for Right to Delete). In some cases where we were unable to complete a request, it was often due to difficulty verifying customer identity, duplicate requests, or lack of relevant information. We’re always working to improve our processes to make it easier for you to exercise your privacy rights.

    For more information on how we handle user information, please visit our Terms of Use.

    13. BRU’D Rewards® Program & Notice of Financial Incentive

    BRU’D Rewards is our way of saying thanks to our amazing customers. It’s a program designed to reward you for your loyalty and every delicious BRU’D Rewards purchase you make. Signing up for BRU’D Rewards is easy! Simply head online or use the BRU’D Rewards App. As a member, you’ll earn points with every purchase, which you can then redeem for exciting rewards at participating BRU’D Rewards stores. Head over to to learn more about the BRU’D Rewards Terms of Use and join for free!

    BRU’D Rewards is all about rewarding your love for coffee, and that includes respecting your privacy. We use your information to personalize your experience with exclusive offers and keep you in the loop about exciting coffee shop discoveries.

    We partner with trusted businesses to deliver these perks, and you can always see who they are. We don’t sell your information for a penny, and you can easily control what emails you receive from us.

    Being part of BRU’D Rewards is completely optional. You can join, leave, or simply keep using the app without the rewards program. Withdrawing is simple – just visit the app’s Account section or contact customer service. Remember, leaving the program means saying goodbye to your accumulated rewards.

    To keep you informed and connected through BRU’D Rewards, we use some of your information. If you choose to delete your information from the program, you won’t be able to receive these benefits anymore, but you can still use the BRU’D Rewards app for regular coffee shop ordering.

    We hope this clarifies how BRU’D Rewards uses your information. Enjoy your coffee adventures!

    Our loyalty program goes beyond points. It’s your key to exclusive benefits and rewards, designed to fuel your coffee cravings and keep you coming back for more. The more you participate, the sweeter the rewards get, tailored to your unique coffee lifestyle. The best part is the value you get is completely up to you! Enjoy greater savings, access to special offers, and a personalized coffee journey – all for being a valued BRU’D Rewards® member.

    14. Data Privacy Rights for EEA, UK, and Swiss Residents

    This section clarifies how BRU’D Rewards handles your information if you’re located in the European Economic Area (EEA), including Switzerland and the United Kingdom. It covers how your data is collected, stored, used, and transferred, all following the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and similar laws in Europe regions.

    BRU’D Rewards might partner with other businesses in Europe. If you interact with one of these partners, their privacy policy will apply. They’ll be the ones responsible for your data and any questions you have about it.

    01) Data Processing Rules

    BRU’D Rewards takes your privacy seriously, and they only use your information for specific reasons to make your experience better. Here’s a quick breakdown:

    • Fulfilling Your Coffee Shop Dreams: They use your data to process purchases, deliver gift cards, and keep you updated on your orders and account. Basically, everything you need to enjoy your favorite coffee treats!
    • Keeping Things Top-Notch: BRU’D Rewards analyzes information to improve their app, website, and overall service. Think of it as them using your input to make things even more convenient and enjoyable.
    • Safety First: They use your data to fight fraud and keep everything secure. This ensures a smooth and safe experience for everyone.
    • Following the Rules: BRU’D Rewards follows legal guidelines and uses your information for things like recordkeeping and safety notices.
    • Staying in Touch (if you want!): With your permission, BRU’D Rewards can send you personalized promotions and updates about their products and events. You can easily control this by changing your preferences in the app or contacting them directly.

    BRU’D Rewards uses your information to give you the best possible experience, but they also respect your control over your data. Check the “Contact Us” section below if you have any questions.

    02) Your EEA Data Subject Rights

    The law gives you control over your personal information in certain situations. Here’s what you can do:

    • You can see what information a company has about you by making a request.
    • You can ask them to fix any mistakes in their records about you.
    • You can request to have your information completely removed if they don’t have a good reason to keep it.
    • You can say no to a company using your information for certain purposes, like marketing.
    • You can ask them to temporarily stop using your information.
    • In some cases, you can request to move your information to another company.
    • You generally won’t be subject to decisions made by computers that could significantly impact you (they don’t do this anyway).

    If you want to exercise any of these rights, you should follow the instructions provided by the company, in our “Your Choices & Rights” section. They might involve visiting a specific section of their website or contacting them directly. They will need to verify your identity before fulfilling your request, and they typically have 30 days to respond.

    03) Data Retention

    • We empower you with control over your data. We typically store it only for as long as it takes to complete its intended purpose. However, legal requirements or your requests, like opting out of marketing emails, might extend this period.
    • We’re transparent about data retention. Your information is secure, and we only keep it for what’s necessary or what the law requires. You can also choose to opt out of marketing and control your data for longer.
    • We prioritize keeping your data secure and only for what benefits you. This typically means short retention periods. Legal needs or your requests might influence this, but we’ll always be clear and respectful of your privacy.


    04) Transfers Outside the EEA

    BRU’D Rewards takes your privacy seriously. To provide the best experience, your information may securely travel across borders. Our team and partners around the world follow strict guidelines to keep your data protected, as outlined in this Notice and in accordance with GDPR regulations.

    05) Complaints

    We take your privacy seriously. If you have any questions or concerns about how we handle your data, we’d love to hear from you first! You can reach us directly through our “Contact Us” section or by emailing our Data Protection Officer (DPO) at privacy@BRU’D

    We also understand your right to lodge a formal complaint with a European Economic Area (EEA) supervisory authority. If you prefer to go this route, you can find more information on that process [link to EEA information]. For your convenience, we also offer a free third-party dispute resolution option:

    Previous Participation in Privacy Shield

    BRU’D Rewards is committed to keeping your information safe and secure, especially for our customers in the European Union, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. We understand the recent changes to data privacy regulations, and we’ve taken steps to ensure your information continues to be protected.

    • Important Information Regarding Data Transfers (EU, UK, and Switzerland)
    • The EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Frameworks are no longer valid for data transfers. BRU’D Rewards is implementing alternative safeguards for these transfers.
    • BRU’D Rewards is committed to honoring its previous Privacy Shield commitments for EU and Swiss data transfers.
    • You can learn more about Privacy Shield on the U.S. Department of Commerce website
    • BRU’D Rewards complies with data protection regulations for transfers and is subject to relevant authorities.
    • We may disclose data in response to legal requests.
    • For unresolved privacy concerns, you can contact our free dispute resolution provider at or potentially request binding arbitration under certain conditions (see Privacy Shield website for details:

    We hope this clarifies how BRU’D Rewards protects your privacy. If you have any questions, please contact us.

    16. Contact Us

    BRU’D Rewards® is committed to protecting your information. We welcome your questions and feedback! We’re here to listen! Here’s how you can reach us:

    • Online: Our friendly customer service team is just a click away at [privacy@BRU’] (We removed the full website address to make it more concise).
    • Phone: Prefer a chat? Give us a call at 800- (782-7282).
    • Mail: Send us your concerns at BRU’D Rewards Customer Service, BRU’D Rewards, P.O. Box 549, Fort Smith, AR 72902 (This is included for those who prefer traditional methods).
    • Global Privacy & Data Protection: For specific privacy-related questions, contact our dedicated Global Privacy Department and Data Protection Officer at privacy@BRU’

    We put you in control. With multiple ways to connect, you can choose the method that best suits your needs.

    Unleash your inner coffee lover! BRU’D Rewards isn’t just another coffee app. It’s your key to a hidden world of independent coffee shops, brimming with unique flavors and local charm and a coffee loyalty program that actually values you.. Every sip unlocks rewards and supports the cafes that fuel your city.


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